Keren Gefen

  • It was so moving for me as a former clinical psychology intern at Hadassah to host Hadassah medical psychologists at the Gefen Fertility Center and share the Gefen-Rimon contributation to the fertility challenged community.  

    מאוד התרגשתי בתור מישהי שהתמחתה בפסיכולוגיה בהדסה, לארח את הפסיכולוגים הרפואים במרכז גפן גוף-נפש פוריות ולספר על התרומה של גפן-רימון למאותגרות פוריות.

    We were thrilled to host the Hadassah Medical Psychologists and interns, led by Sara Haramati, M.A. at the center. The ten interns gathered in the group room at the center to learn more about the activities and services we provide.  They were very interested in learning about the combined cognitive behavioral and mind body groups we offer to women undergoing fertility treatments. They developed a greater understanding of the struggles that infertile couples face. Their work in hospital with infertility is in the area of fertility preservation with cancer patients or bariatric patients. Several expressed interest in working with fertility challenged clients. Our goal is to offer internship possibilities for medical psychology interns in the future as we believe as our population is the ideal patient for medical psychologists to work with, those struggling with the mind-body interplay.

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  • Supported by Haddasah Australia, we are now excited to show our first movie!

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