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Yoga for Fertility

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Focus on the PAUSE between the inhale and exhale; on the space, on the moment that’s suspended in time.  That pause allows us the pause to change perspective, to change our reaction, to take another breath, to practice self-compassion, to ask “what is supporting me right now?”.  Breath work effects the nervous system and lowers stress levels which is a key factor in fertility and that allows the body to function at its optimal best.  Participating in our fertility yoga classes promotes a positive outlook and sense of well being.  Our classes provide a nourishing environment in which women can build a support network.  Yoga is recognized as an important part of many leading fertility clinics around the world and is offered at Hadassah Mt. Scopus and the Gefen Center in Jerusalem as well as in Nahlaot.

From our Yoga Director, Kady Harari:  "We practice standing poses - I am standing on my own two feet, grounded, stable, rooted, while rising to infinite heights.  We practice restorative poses - the art of being as you are in this moment, accepting this moment.  We practice awareness of the space between the breaths - space between me and my bloodwork, me and my pain.  “It’s a part of me, but not the whole of me- I am much more than that.”  Through balancing postures, we balance between effort and ease, through strengthening postures we learn that we are much stronger than we think we are, we awaken an inner strength that resides deep within."

Yoga Journaling integrates the use of journaling and yoga as tools for discovering the stories our bodies tell, when we stop to listen. Yoga impacts the journaling, and the writing deepens the yoga.  Writing allows for introspection; yoga reduces stress. The combination of the two is extremely powerful.
Studies indicate that journaling has a positive impact on physical well- being.  It is believed that frequent journaling helps reduce the impact of stressors on physical health. Women with fertility challenges, who engage in Yoga Journaling, will birth new stories about themselves while restoring the Mind/Body connection. Women gain new insights, manage emotions, and identify feelings. Journaling together with breathing techniques connects the mind and body to the hidden treasure of personal stories not yet told.

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