The Israeli Experience of Infertility and Mind/Body Treatments

Keren Gefen is developing a joint research project with Bar Ilan University on the experience in Israeli society of infertility, infertility treatment and Mind/Body interventions for stress reduction. We wish to explore and examine the unique characteristics of experiences in Israeli society in general and within different sectors in israeli society in particular. Our study objective is to identify improvements and appropriate tailoring of interventions for the Israeli population. We are also focusing on the efficacy of Mind/Body interventions in reducing symptoms of depression and stress levels of women coping with infertility. Our research has recently received Helsinki ethical approval.


Gefen CBT Mind/Body Fertility Protocol, Egg Donation Module

"Was I with you at Sinai?"  The Influence of Fertility Challenges on Mother-Child Relationship: When the Halachic (Jewish Legal) Status of the Embryo/Child is Unclear

Ayala Conference, May 2018, Israel

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