Events and workshops for couples

Events take place approximately monthly and provide an opportunity for couples to take a break from the stress of treatments, to recharge and face challenges ahead with renewed energy. Couples relax, learn new skills and develop strength through the support of the Adva team and from each other. Adva events allow couples to build a supportive community, they realize that they are not alone. The impact of each Adva event lasts long after the end of the program.

Baking with Love

Over 200 volunteer cooks and bakers prepare fresh food and treats for couples going through treatment. These home-made meals can lift a couple as they feel the love and support of their local community. This is an inspiring experience both for those preparing the food as well as for the couples who receive.

Community awareness

A supportive local community is essential for a couple going through infertility treatments. We work with community leaders to raise awareness. Once a year, we organize a community Shabbat on which community leaders speak about infertility as we raise awareness. A sensitive supportive local community can make the world of difference for our couples.

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