Is healthy food good for trying to conceive?

Photo backdrop of buckwheat dish for the text- Is Healthy Food Good For Trying to ConceiveIs healthy food good for trying to conceive? Sarah Frankenburg, nutritionist and Chinese medicine practioner, recently gave a workshop at the Gefen Center that opened our eyes and our appetites on the topic. Starting off with a picture of a nice big salad versus a nice hot bowl of cooked grains, she went on to say a fertile body is a warm body and warm foods will help to promote that.

I’m jumping courses, sorry! Let’s backtrack to the appetizers of the evening.

Not all foods are bad for everyone

Sarah prefaced by stating that what she was about to say is a generalization and every person is distinct with their own unique constitution. In other words, certain foods aren’t bad for everyone, and not all foods are good for everyone.

That being said here are some tasters of the night:

Cold or Hot?

Cold drinks are a NO NO. If we got one thing out of the evening, it was learning to drink water that is room temperature or hotter.  Most meals are best cooked and warm. As tempting as it is to eat straight out of the fridge (or freezer) that is another habit to break. I must confess, it’s not so easy when you’re HUNGRY!

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A tour of the Gefen Center, German Colony

We recently had the opportunity to give a tour of the Gefen Center, German Colony to Benji Singer, founder of IsraelB Social Media Community. Benji recorded the tour and we are happy to share the video below. Kady showed off the center and spoke about some of the programs that are taking place at the center and overall. These include our yoga and pilates courses, and Transfer with Tranquility.

To hear what Kady thinks is special about the Gefen Center and to join the virtual tour, take a look at the video below. Would you like to visit in person or join one of the courses offered there? Please feel free to take a look at our current classes and events or get directions to the center.

Virtual Tour of the Gefen Center with Benji Singer

Yesh Tikva Infertility Awareness Shabbat

Picture of Challah with challah cover behind text Yesh Tikvah Infertility Awareness Shabbat

Join Us

We are sending the following letter in English and Hebrew to synagogues in Israel. If you would like your synagogue to participate please contact us to learn more.

Dear Rabbi,

As Nissan approaches we are reminded once again about the integral role children play in Judaism and its observance. The words we hear repeatedly “ והגדת לבנך“, can pierce like a dagger in the hearts of couples who struggle with infertility. They are a direct reminder of what these individuals want so desperately, a family. Please consider joining Keren Gefen Mind Body Fertility Organization and the Eden Center to end the silence surrounding fertility. On Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Nissan, March 17, 2018 we are partnering with the third annual Yesh Tikva’s Infertility Awareness Shabbat.

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New English Mind/Body Workshop at the Gefen Center

Pink Tulip background for text Sign up Mind Body English Workshop

The Gefen Gefen Mind-Body Fertility Organization is excited to invite you to our new Mind/Body Workshop in English at the Gefen Center in Jerusalem.

About the Free Mind/Body for Fertility Workshop

A support group for fertility challenged women in English. At the Gefen Center we will accompany you on your fertility journey in a warm and nurturing environment.

Workshop topics include:

  • CBT
  • Coping strategies
  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation techniques

Wednsdays at 19:00.

Contact us to register and for further information.

Join Mind/Body English Workshop See Current Programs

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