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We are sending the following letter in English and Hebrew to synagogues in Israel. If you would like your synagogue to participate please contact us to learn more.

Dear Rabbi,

As Nissan approaches we are reminded once again about the integral role children play in Judaism and its observance. The words we hear repeatedly “ והגדת לבנך“, can pierce like a dagger in the hearts of couples who struggle with infertility. They are a direct reminder of what these individuals want so desperately, a family. Please consider joining Keren Gefen Mind Body Fertility Organization and the Eden Center to end the silence surrounding fertility. On Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Nissan, March 17, 2018 we are partnering with the third annual Yesh Tikva’s Infertility Awareness Shabbat.

This year marks the first year that Israel will be part of this important initiative that already includes over 200 synagogues in North America.


About the Organizations

Keren Gefen Mind Body Fertility Organization is a non-profit that gives emotional and psychological support to fertility challenged women and couples in the greater Jerusalem area at no cost. Please visit our website at www.kerengefen.org for more information about our various activities.

The Eden Center is a registered NPO dedicated to promoting women's health and wellbeing through the mikveh, and aims to make the mikveh welcoming and accessible to every woman.

Please consider joining us end the silence surrounding fertility. Attached to this email, you will find a sample dvar torah, an information packet-containing important information about infertility, and a one-pager (In English/Hebrew) that we ask to be distributed to your congregants. We at Keren-Gefen will be happy to print the flyer as well as deliver it to your Synagogue. (If you would like us to print the English/Hebrew 2 sided info sheet please tell us what amount you would like and where we should bring them to).

Please let us know by return mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if we can include you on our list of participating synagogues that are recognizing and offering their thoughts to all those who are suffering with infertility.

Thank You,

Dr. Karen Friedman
Director of Gefen- Mind/Body Fertility Organization
Director of Rimon Mind/Body Fertility Center
Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital

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Yesh Tikva Fertility Awareness Shabbat Dvar Torah [download .doc]

Yesh Tikva Fertility Awareness Shabbat One Pager [download .doc]

Yesh Tikva Fertility Awareness Shabbat Information Page [download .doc]

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