Yoga for Fertility

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Keren Gefen incorporates yoga classes as an integral part of their program. Yoga is a wonderful support for women going through fertility treatments. Through breath work, yoga calms the mind and the nervous system. Moving the body, especially stretching the hips, pelvis, groin and lower back helps to increase the blood flow to these areas. This in turn supports healthy reproductive organs.

From our Yoga director, Kady Harari:"Through breath work, the body begins to relax. Releasing stress is a key factor in fertility as much research and studies have shown. When we start to relax, the body can start functioning at an optimal level which is a key factor in the fertility process. When we learn to take full deep breaths and start to let go the brain sends a message throughout the body that all is well. So elongate, lengthen, reach, radiate and let go!"

Breath work helps the body begins to relax. Studies have shown that releasing stress is a key factor in fertility.  When a person starts to relax, the body can start functioning at an optimal level, which is a key factor in the fertility process.
Participating in a yoga class helps to promote a positive outlook and sense of well-being. Keren Gefen yoga classes provides a nurturing environment in which women can build a support network. All Keren Gefen yoga courses are taught by certified International Yoga Alliance instructors.

Yoga is recognized as an important part of many leading fertility clinics around the world, and is offered at Hadassah, Mount Scopus and the Gefen Center.  Join the Program See Current Programs

Yoga Journaling

Yoga Journaling integrates the use of journaling and yoga as tools for discovering the stories our bodies tell, when we stop to listen. Yoga impacts the journaling, and the writing deepens the yoga.  Writing allows for introspection; yoga reduces stress. The combination of the two is extremely powerful.
Studies indicate that journaling has a positive impact on physical well- being.  It is believed that frequent journaling helps reduce the impact of stressors on physical health. Women with fertility challenges, who engage in Yoga Journaling, will birth new stories about themselves while restoring the Mind/Body connection. Women gain new insights, manage emotions, and identify feelings. Journaling together with breathing techniques connects the mind and body to the hidden treasure of personal stories not yet told.

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