The Stanley and Joyce Black Mind/Body Program is funded by the Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation.


The Mind/Body Workshops

The Mind/Body workshop is a supportive group made up of 10 women. These women share similar goals and challenges. They meet once a week for an hour and a half for ten weeks with a fertility therapist (psychologist or social worker expert in the field.) Together they share and build a supportive community, learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress, and do cognitive restructuring to help challenge negative feelings. Gefen has recently piloted a successful workshop for men and is actively recruiting for a fertility workshop for couples.

Gefen reaches out to different populations and tailors workshops to their specific needs. The program includes specialized workshops for women considering egg donation ,for women considering fertility preservation, for women of the Haredi community and for women considering becoming single mothers. These innovative programs have received amazing feedback from the women they serve.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual one-on-one therapy sessions with a Social Worker who specializes in fertility for those who prefer to share their fertility journey and be supported in private.


Mind/Body Workshop objectives:

  • ·Decrease symptoms of stress
  • Employ multiple relaxation and stress reduction strategies
  • Increase coping strategies for better quality of life
  • Change lifestyle habits which can have a negative impact on fertility

Mind/Body Curriculum Development

Mind/Body Staff Training Program

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