In the time of social distancing Gefen-Rimon embraces you
Women have expressed despair of IVF being cancelled as "not essential treatment".
We have reinvented ourselves to rise to the occasion.

The Gefen-Rimon staff is continually creating new and innovative programs to reflect the needs of the fertility-challenged community.
We are flooded more than ever with calls for help.  Our dedicated staff of doctors, psychologists, social workers and yoga therapists uses every means possible to provide supportive services as our community copes with these challenging times.
We offer CBT therapy meetings, Fertility Yoga, Nutrition, One-On-One Telephone Therapy Sessions through Zoom, YouTube messaging and more.
We are helping women to learn to live in the moment, focus on the positive, take control of what they can control and know that this is a temporary situation that will change.

We invite you to join our zoom programs in the Time of Corona.  This week we offer:

** Fertility Zoom Yoga Classes:
Fridays at 9:00
** Prenatal Zoom Yoga for women who have struggled with infertility:
Mondays at 18:30-19:15
** Postnatal Zoom Yoga for women who have struggled with infertility:
Thursdays at 20:00
** Creative Writing and Yoga with Jill Levenfeld
Wednesdays at 10:00
** One-On-One Zoom Yoga

ZOOM YOGA: ID# 4823460447 Password: kady
For more information and registration please contact Kady:   052-8281365

Please see a Fertility Yoga Video created in the Time of Corona by Kady Harari, Gefen-Rimon Program and Yoga Director  

** Zoom Fertility Hevruta Workshop with Sharona Halickman. Starting Monday November 23rd at 20:00.

** Mind/Body Fertility Workshop for the Haredi Community with Esti Zonenfeld (in Hebrew).

** Mind/Body Fertility Workshop for Men with Rav Yisrael Cohn (in Hebrew). Tuesdays at 20:00 at the Gefen Center (social distancing according to regulations).

** Mind/Body Fertility Workshop with Dr. Zvia Birman (in Hebrew). Mondays at 18:30-19:45 at the Gefen Center (social distancing according to regulations). The current workshop is full. You can register for the next group.

** Individual One-On-One Telephone Therapies are given by Dr. Zvia Birman

** Group or One-On-One Zoom EFT "Tapping" for Fertility with Pearl Lopian
Tapping is a highly effective method to reduce stress, tension and anxiety so that we have emotional freedom. It allows us to make peace with what is.

** Healing and Aromatherapy Massage with Renee Miller
A relaxing session with essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation.  

Gefen Partners:
Acupuncture for Fertility with Pnina Klinger
Please contact Pnina Klinger directly at 054-6566280 for a telephone conversation or an appointment.  All treatments according to the strict guidelines of the ministry of health.  See link to Pnina’s video about acupressure points you can use at home to enhance fertility and blood flow to the uterus.

Nishmat Fertility Counselors in cooperation with Gefen offer personal consultations to women and couples who seek halachic guidance throughout the fertility journey. Yoatzot Halacha Fertility Counselors have completed an advanced course of study in the halachic, medical and psychological aspects of fertility. We provide halachic guidance from diagnosis through treatment, including: common syndromes and diagnostic procedures, ovulation before immersion, sexual issues, fertility preservation, IUI, IVF, PGS, PGD, pregnancy loss and termination and third-party reproduction possibilities. To set up an internet meeting with a Yoetzet Halacha Fertility Counselor - contact on WhatsApp: +97226404330 or by email:    Link to Program   

A compassionate and empowering message from Dr. Jordana Hyman, Medical Advisor to Gefen Mind/Body Fertility Organization and Nishmat Yoatzot Halacha Fertility Counselors Program in cooperation with Gefen.

* * * Coming Soon at Gefen-Rimon * * *

* Zoom CBT Mind/Body Webinar with Dr. Rhonda Adessky, Gefen-Rimon Clinical Director

Yoga for Fertility

Yoga for Fertility

Fertility Yoga: 
Monday 20:00-21:15
Wednesday 17:00-18:15
Thursday 19:30-20:45

Gefen Center

Fertility Yoga for the Haredi Community:
Sunday 17:15-18:30


Prenatal Yoga for Gefen Members:
Monday 17:00-18:15

Gefen Center

Yoga at the Rimon Center Hadassah Mount Scopus:
Sunday 9:30-10:45

Hadassah Mount Scopus

Transfer With Tranquility

Transfer With Tranquility

Transfer With Tranquility: By Appointment

Hadassah Mount Scopus & Gefen Center

Gefen Wellness

Gefen Wellness

Aromatherapy Massage:
Monday 8:00-13:00
Contact: Renee Miller, send text:054-5841049
Tuesday 8:00-13:00
Contact: Pearl Lopian,
Thursday 8:00-15:00
Contact: Rachel Montana, 054-7951117

Gefen Center

New programs TBA:

Fertility CBT Workshops - Fertility CBT for the Charedi Community - Egg Preservation Workshops – Fertility Workshops for Charedi Men – Workshops for Women Considering Egg Donation

Partnering Therapists

Partnering Therapists for Women’s Life Cycle

  • Activities at the Gefen Center for Women's Life Cycle. Open to all women. Discount to Gefen Members

Contact the instructor directly for registration and information

Wednesday 8:30-13:00
Contact: Pnina Klinger, 054-6566280

Gefen Center

Aviva’s Method:
Sunday 10:30-12:00
Contact: Tehila Strauss, 052-8040032

Gefen Center

Interested in joining a Mind/Body workshop or Yoga for Fertility class?

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