Our Approach

Keren Gefen has adapted the Mind/Body for fertility approach for the services it provides to support reproductive health and emotional well-being.

Mind/Body Workshops

The Mind/Body workshop is a supportive group made up of 10 women. These women share similar goals and challenges. They meet once a week for an hour and a half for ten weeks with a fertility therapist (psychologist or social worker expert in the field.) Together they share and build a supportive community, learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress, and do cognitive restructuring to help challenge negative feelings. Gefen has recently piloted a successful workshop for men and is actively recruiting for a fertility workshop for couples.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual one-on-one therapy sessions with a Social Worker who specializes in fertility for those who prefer to share their fertility journey and be supported in private.

Mind/Body Workshop objectives:

  • Decrease symptoms of stress
  • Employ multiple relaxation and stress reduction strategies
  • Increase coping strategies for better quality of life
  • Change lifestyle habits which can have a negative impact on fertility.

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