The Hadassah Rimon Mind/Body Fertility Center

rimon center logoThe Hadassah Rimon Mind/Body Fertility Center, housed in Hadassah Mount Scopus, is a model project created to give psychological support to all women with fertility challenges, at no cost. The goal is to reduce stress and depression and thus increase women’s chances of fertility.
Fertility treatments exert an enormous emotional and psychological toll on women. To fill the gap by supporting these women’s needs. The Rimon Center provides a range of Mind/Body therapies which women will be able to choose from while they are undergoing treatment. These include Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mind-Body workshops, supportive fertility yoga, and supportive therapy for communities with specific needs.  Each patient is personally approached by fertility counselor and offered a wide variety of options for psychological support, which take place either at Hadassah, or at the Gefen Center in the German Colony. While several programs of this sort exist around the world including in Boston, Los Angeles, and London, this is the only program of its kind in Israel.

Fertility Yoga at Hadassah-Rimon - every Sunday at 9am Sigalit Reubinoff, a certified yoga instrocture, leads a Fertility Yoga Class at Beit Riklis for fertility challenged women.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a well-established empirically validated treatment for a variety of problems and disorders including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and marital problems. The treatment helps people reduce their negative thinking that causes negative emotions, assists with problem solving and stress-reduction. Recent studies point to a direct relationship between CBT, stress reduction and fertility. Successful CBT treatment has a great effect on woman undergoing fertility treatments. Within a few weeks stress is reduced and the chance of pregnancy is higher. Restorative Yoga has also proved to be effective in relieving stress on woman with fertility challenges and allowing them to reach their fertility potential.

On the basis of the services provided by the Rimon Center, the fertility clinic at Hadassah Hospital-Mt. Scopus was submitted as a candidate for 'Centers of Excellence' at Hadassah Hospital.  See link to the movie about Hadassah-Rimon

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Boker Tov Rimon

Rimon has a staff member available in the IVF waiting area in the early morning, from from 7:30-9:30 AM, the time when women arrive for their blood tests and ultrasounds.

The staff member uses this time to connect with the women, explain center services, and cultivate a warm, caring and consistent relationship. Rimon staff consult with the nurses and doctors regarding patients who might benefit from Rimon services. Once a week there is a coffee/tea station, and a musician plays therapeutic music, to lower stress and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

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photo of a water lily illustration for Another program offered by Hadassah Rimon is the Transfer with Tranquility program

Transfer with Tranquility

The process of embryo transfer is a unique and sensitive experience. We would like to be with you before this special time in order to help you relax and find inner tranquility.

We offer individual sessions with our experienced yoga instructors before the procedure. In this session we will focus on breathing, guided imagery, relaxing body and soul.

“Pagimoms” –Relaxation for mothers of preemies

The trauma of giving birth early, of having a c-section, of having an infant in an incubator, of not being able to take your baby home for days/ weeks/ month all adds up to a very stressful experience. Many women, who undergo IVF and other fertility treatments, end up giving birth to multiples, which is connected to giving birth early, and all the complications that it entails.
The Hadassah Rimon Center has piloted a new and highly successful program, where staff members reach out to mothers of premature babies who are experiencing stress and have difficulties coping. Once or twice a week, according to need, our Yoga therapist reaches out to these mothers and offers them a session of relaxation for the body and soul. The mothers experience an overall sense of calm and emotional wellbeing. This relaxation and sense of calm flows over to their babies and the less stress the mothers carry, the more the preemies thrive.

In Progress

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Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach

Approbation from the director of
Hadassah University Hospital, Mount Scopus.

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Prof. Arieh Horowitz

Approbation from the director of the
IVF Unit at Hadassah, Mount Scopus.

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