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"You give each of us the personal empowerment to take a small step. An intimacy formed, which enabled us to speak freely. Amidst all the complications and crying there’s finally friendship – which is a huge source of strength. I think that the power of a group like this is that it becomes a kind of island for an hour and a half a week, where we can remove our masks. Here we are truly understood. There’s a place where we can be completely honest. The group changed my life”.- Nechama, Rimon patient who is expecting

"I am finally pregnant after 3 years of trying… I really feel that the therapy and Yoga were a winning combination that allowed me to become pregnant...I am now able to cope with stress, uncertainty, I feel in control.”

"Dear Dr. Karen Friedman,
During my last IVF cycle, I participated in yoga classes and private therapy sessions with you as support for my formal medical treatment. I would like to point out that the yoga workshop as well as the private sessions helped me very much to endure the treatment process in its different stages, in a way that allowed me to overcome my emotional difficulties that come with this type of treatment.
I’m sure and convinced that this framework contributed a lot to the success of the treatment. It is clear to me that without these mind- body treatments, these women would not successfully endure the treatment process that come with physical and mostly emotional difficulties.
During the series of current treatments I was glad to see this project continuing to accompany and support additional woman that are going through this process. The women were glad to see that the project achieved broadening and recognition by the professional team.
I would like to once again give my gratitude for the assistance I got; it helped me come to the decision to repeat the IVF process so that I can bring another child into the world.
Thank –You so much,"

“You helped me understand my emotions, calm my internal life, better my marital relationship and clarify my thought process”. -"C"

“Thank G-D my IVF was finally successful. It is clear to me that relieving my stress had a direct effect on my ability to become pregnant."- Y

"I am learning to relax, not to be so depressed. Feeling my body and soul connecting gives me more strength to cope…”

“I feel a daily sense of calm that I’ve never felt before... I feel positive about my body”- B, who participated in our Yoga program

"Dear Keren,
I met you while undergoing fertility treatments at mount Scopus hospital.
I have no doubt that providence was involved in my meeting you, director of such a life-changing organization!
You told me of the support group and yoga classes that were ongoing and I immediately signed up!
Both the support group and yoga class contributed to a calmness, a much more stable mental state of mind, emotionally more perked up being! I have no doubt that my FIRST attempt at IVF and its SUCCESS and the following healthy pregnancy and birth of my beautiful daughter were all part of a grand plan ordained from above. But nevertheless, your organization RIMON contributed immensely to it from down here!!!
Thank you Rimon for existing, and thank you, karen, for making it happen! !"

"The Madricha Elana is excellent… so professional... She is gentle, giving, the combination of meditation and guided imagery is an amazing technique to relieve stress…It allows us to relax and cope.”



HaRav Yitzchok Melber

Endorsement from Rav Melber,
Toras Hamishpacha.

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HaRav Shabtsai A. Rappaport

Endorsement from Rav Rappaport, Beit HaMidrash HaGavoha L'Torah.

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HaRav Prof. Moshe David Tendler

Endorsement from Rav Prof. Tendler, Yeshiva University and Community Synagogue of Monsey

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Endorsements from Haredi and Orthodox Rabbis

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