Our Supporters

Keren Gefen is funded entirely on donations; including a multi- year grant from Stanley Black (the Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation), the Pratt Foundation (Australia) and private donations from individuals in the United States, Australia, and Israel.

Our gratitude and thanks to our wonderful supporters. Just like our matriarchs are role models in life, our supporters are our role models in giving.

Sarah Supporters


Rivkah Supporters

Claude & Etty Arnall (Mount Olympus)
Kharlene & Charles Boxenbaum
Robert & Sandra Carroll
Jean & Jerry Friedman
The Herb & Sharon Glaser Family Foundation
Marilyn Ziering Family Foundation
Hertz Family Foundation


Rachel Supporters

Paul & Margaret Feder Family Foundation
Donald Feder
Eris & Larry Field Family Foundation
Sharon & Elie Gindi
Sherry Hackett
David Hager
Esther & Jose Liberman
Murray & Sydell Rosenberg Foundation
Rena Slomovic
Max Webb Foundation
Ron Hersh

Leah Supporters

Camille Adar
Lea Purwin D’Agostino
Jacqueline & Arthur Burdore
Annie Baum
Joe Djemal
Eveline & Uri Ginzburg
Beverly Gelfand
Meralee Goldman
Moshe & Abbey Greenberg
Carmella & Dr. Nissan Pardo
Sinder Family Foundation

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